Opportunities (Part 1)

What is it that keeps you up at night? Is it an incomplete task list? Your cash flow forecast? A failed pitch that lost a potential client?

Many people take plenty of time to worry (it is certainly natural to do so), however you will find that the most successful business owners and investors are not those who lament what could have been, but rather those who proactively plan what will be.

While I do take time to reflect on failed endeavors and difficult situations, those are not the thoughts that keep me up at night. In fact, my mindset is quite the opposite. When I lay awake at night it is because I am excited about opportunities for tomorrow, next week and the next ten years. Where will I be? Who will I be partnering with and what great project will we complete together? What will be the greatest success for my business? For my family? For my community?

What opportunities are you looking for?

-Opportunities to realize savings in your business that you can reinvest into BD or donate to charity?

-Opportunities to realize your dream of financial freedom by identifying and executing savvy investments?

-Opportunities to make life better in your community?

I hope that the following posts will be catalysts to help you identify opportunity. Because I get particularly excited about opportunities for savings and value creation in commercial real estate transactions, my thoughts will be primarily focused on assisting business owners and aspiring investors gain exposure to the incredible resources that become available everyday—this will take the form of executive summaries on the newest research and economic predictions, practical application of new transaction structures that save you money now and in the future, and specific data that will identify the best way for you to seize commercial real estate related opportunities of today, tomorrow, and the next ten years.

Please allow me to be a resource for you. Ask me to share information on specific lease clauses, new accounting developments, real estate financing and other issues that are important to you.

Author: Liam Murphy

Liam Murphy is a partner at Hayes Commercial Real Estate and supports many national clients in their commercial real estate needs. He holds the distinguished Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM) designation as a recognized expert in the disciplines of commercial and investment real estate. Less than 6 percent of the commercial real estate practitioners nationwide have earned the CCIM designation.

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